Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day - Ever Have One of those Kids?

I thought I'd talk about what Mother's have to endure with their kids. Hey, mine weren't as accident prone as my daughters are, but I did go through hell with them. As a matter of fact my son was so careful not to get hurt that the day he skidded on his bike and came to the door skinned from his nose to his toes, the look of shock on his face was so comical I could hardly stifle a laugh. Nice mom huh?

My son did, however, have to go through a lot of surgery and hospital visits with his heart condition. Guess that's probably why he didn't need any more abuse to his body, and therefore the utmost caution in playing games.

My daughter was a klutz, but no broken bones, except apparently when she dropped the bowling ball on her big toe when she was five. She seemed to go through life unscathed until her preteens. There was the day that her eye suddenly started flipping up in her head. We knew she was evil, but here was the proof of her possession. Nope, turns out she had a lazy eye all these years and it never showed until she started staying up late and got less sleep. Too late for surgery, she had to wear special glasses and still does.

Then the bowling ball thing. Bet you thought that was too easy. Turns out it kinda split the bone in the tip of her toe, and an she developed a bone tumor during her growth spurt. Two surgeries to try to remove and 2 trips to remove the toenail later, and there is still a little spur on her toe.

That's the story of my kids, how about yours.

Here are some pictures of my daughter's kids. The youngest boy's face seems to be a magnet for disaster. These are 3 different incidents. The first happened at school the day the baby was born. Kinda hard to see, but he has s shiner. In the
second, he was recuperating from almost loosing his eye, when a plastic thingy at the end of a bungee popped him right in his eye and caused internal bleeding. That one had to sit still for a month. You try to get your 8 year old boy to sit still for a month.

And the last picture is from this year's Halloween party where the mean kid next door pushed his face into a metal chair (he fell into it). He has taken Karate lessons now, so hopefully he has discovered how to change his center of gravity to his body, not his face.

Then there's the baby. Right now she's about a year and a half and yes,
that picture is her in a cast. She doesn't walk yet, but that's because she's a mountain climber. She likes to test her standing skills by climbing on bed and sofa and bouncing on them. We're always careful to watch her, but her parents didn't think that she would fracture her elbow from taking a little spill off a picnic table bench. But the way this little daredevil plays, we all fear there are more hot pink casts to come.

Happy Mother's Day to you patient and loving Moms out there and I  hope your kids appreciate what you put up with for them :)

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Pili said...

Accident prone grandkids you have!!

And a very Happy Mother's Day to you!

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