Sunday, August 17, 2014

Finally a Car!

It's been years since I've had a car for more than a few months. There was that nice car we had a few years ago, that we could barely drive in winter and finally gave up the ghost. We were able to drive it to the rapid station to go see Weird Al downtown. That was fun. But for the most part it had so many issues it was barely in use. That's what you get with a $1200 car sometimes.

In theory I should have had enough money to afford a car, but as I look around the house I realize why I didn't. When I moved her I had a serger, a not so great sewing machine, a stained sleep sofa and buckets of fabric with an air mattress on it for a bed. Oh, I also had a beat up frying pan.

Not a lot to set up a household with. I did get a LOT of donated items, some furniture, lots of household items and a microwave that I  bought for $10 from a friend. But since then I have bought: dining room table and chairs, new nice sewing machine, living room chairs, side tables, storage cabinet, printer, file cabinet, kitchen table, kitchen bakers rack, toaster, coffee maker, an iron, an air conditioner, window treatments, towels, dishes, flatware, dresser, 2 TVs (I had a tiny vintage one), a vacuum, and countless little things that you need to cook and clean on an everyday basis.

That's a LOT of stuff. It is expensive to set up a household. Since January, I've been testing my ability to "make a car payment". I've been putting away a payment amount of money each month. Some of that had to be used for the abscessed tooth I had to remove, and my portion of the medical bills for the broken ankle. Things will be a lot easier when I pay off the IRS and my medical bills.

So last week I went out to the dealer with the money I set aside to prove I would make payments as my down payment and got this very cute Orange Kia Soul. It's about a loaded as a Soul gets with the exception of a sunroof (no sunroof). It's DD's favorite color and she's a bit jealous, but hey, I like it. I like bright different colors. They are great for visibility, fewer accidents, and you know, everyone will know it's the crazy lady coming at them.

It's a cute little beast and I finally have a reliable set of wheels. It's not new, but it's in decent shape. I love it.


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What a cute Soul! Congratulations!

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