Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Etsy Shop Closings

This week I'm making it personal. My blog will be in 3 parts. First a plea for your help, second a brief description of My Daughter Poppy and her work and life and third I will try to make it as clear as possible why Etsy closed her shop so you will understand how to protect yourself.

If you read any of this please part one. I am making a request of buyers and sellers, to contact Etsy with an email at with the subject line "Why is PoppysWickedGarden closed "

In your own words mention that you've looked for her shop, she was in a treasury, or whatever reason, you noticed that her shop is closed and you'd like to know why. Please only ask about her main shop. I am trying to flood their email. I know there are many shops closed, including one of my own, but she doesn't deserve the blanket closures.

I'm going to give you a little background on Poppy. She's a single mother of two boys who started her business when she was struggling to find work to support her little ones. She couldn't find a job that paid enough and she stumbled on eBay. Living with me at the time, she said “I can do that” of the reconstructed band and genre shirts that were selling. So she started Poppy's Wicked Garden.

Eventually she discovered Etsy and opened her first shop with reconstructs. She felt that she would fit in to Etsy better if she made original fashion, so she did that and moved her reconstructs to XpoppyswickedgardenX, last fall we opened PoppysGardenGate with home accessories together  (in my name) and we opened a children's shop PoppySprouts (in her name). She recently had her 4 year Etsyversary.

Poppy was not only able to support her boys, but help support me at my job loss and other issues. She was able to support her family on the income from Etsy alone. She's a strong woman who has been through a lot. Recently she had a near fatal bout with a ruptured appendix and collapsed lung. She bounced back. When our house caught fire and we were forced to leave it and most our possessions, she bounced back. Still she works hard with a smile on her face and determination. Even after Etsy closed her shops, she immediately opened another shop off Etsy with great determination.

Etsy closed down all three of Poppy's shops and My shop that she was involved in. They have answered her, but have yet to respond to my inquiry.

See email notices from Jason at Legal


Etsy has suspended your selling privileges indefinitely. Our system was forced to take this action after a history of Intellectual Property notices about content in your shop. Etsy responds to a proper Intellectual Property notice by (1) removing or disabling access to material claimed to be subject of infringing activity; and (2) removing and discontinuing service to repeat offenders.

The Policy and the notice requirements are found at:

I'm very sorry about this, but Etsy must comply with it's policy.

Legal Support

When you use Etsy you agree to our policies.

As you know, Etsy was contacted many times about the content in your shop. We were told that certain material in your shop infringed on certain intellectual property. These notices gave Etsy reason to believe that content violated Etsy's policies.

Each time we were contacted, we convoed you and emailed you. We take allegations of intellectual property infringement very seriously because it may have serious consequences.

Etsy's policies are clear. As explained in the email that was sent to you each time, Etsy terminates accounts when we receive repeat notices of infringements. We received repeat notices of infringements about your shop. The system terminated your selling privileges.

Legal Support

Please note that He mentions shop, not shops. No explanation as to why they are all closed and no response to follow up inquiry
What Poppy sold is legal under the First Sale Doctrine. She worked out the issues with those that contacted her, but Etsy will not take that into consideration. Under the First Sale Doctrine, you can take your purchase, alter it and resell. It is not copyright infringement. You paid for the original material and you can do whatever you want with it.

Etsy did not give Poppy the option of closing the offending shop and keep her other shops open. They will not answer me as to why they closed my shop.

Although you may not have copyright infringements, you can be called out, and Etsy does not investigate. Another Etsy friend's shop is closed because competition posed as a company lawyer and contacted Etsy. They apparently do not have the staff or inclination to follow up.

Beware, Etsy is cleaning house. Many shops are now closed.

You can find Poppy at 

And my PoppysGardenGate at


vintage eye said...

So sad to see this happen yet again! Especially to two of my favorite peeps. UGH! I have found your new shops on Artfire & I love them! I even bought me something! I've got your back, Dolls & I will be convoing, emailing, tweeting & generally making a huge stink... because your cause is just & cause I'm damn good at it! MWAH & best of luck to you both!

Poppys Wicked Garden said...

Thank you so much for posting this and supporting me, like you always do. Unfortunately I have loved and supported Etsy for over 4 years now. It is a huge slap in the face. If it can happen to me it can happen to you too:(
protect yourself and support those who have been "cleansed" by Etsy, move to Artfire if you think you can:)

akaCINDERS said...

I'm not selling Artfire at this moment. It is a great alternative but there are a lot more. I still have shops on Etsy and have love it until now. Check out EtsyBitch for more sites to sell on and more information about seller abuse from Etsy.

Rough Magic Creations said...

Huge {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} Cinders and Poppy! So sorry this happened to two of the very bestest.

Pili said...

That's absolutely and utterly unfair! Why do they allow resellers and people that sell loads of clearly not handmade to still be around and they go and close ALL of Poppy's shops? It just doesn't make any sort of sense!

Catherine Ivins said...

Poppy has done so much on Etsy with all her amazing treasuries supporting other people- how unbelievable and unfair to close all her shops! I'll email.

Rachel Lucie Johns said...

omg, I had no idea. I'm so sorry to hear about it all. I really have no clue as to what she did that is infringing copyright?

Surely if someone reports a seller, that is investigated and therefore checked out whether it's maliciously done or with cause. Any why all her shops?

very very shocked, and wish Poppy every luck with Artfire and other ventures.

Thanks for speaking out

akaCINDERS said...

Apparently Etsy does not investigate whether a call out is done maliciously or not. They don't seem to have the time.

Sarah Duede (Edwards) said...

I've followed both you and Poppy on twitter for awhile now and have always been impressed with your abilities and constant passion for creating. I'm so saddened by this. As an Etsy seller myself, it scares the crap out of me. Good Luck with all of your new ventures and I'll RT your links when I can.

SHONDA said...

Like Sarah I've followed you on Twitter as well. This is just tragic! Especially to two so truly creative artists! NOT RESELLERS!!! I wish you only the best and will do my part on your behalf. If there is ever a need for more help to don't hesitate to ask I'll be there! xo herblueyestudio

Particles of Stone said...

I'm glad you posted this blog! I've been searching all over Etsy for her shop to no avail. I hate how Etsy imposed its corporate will without listening to the voices of its vendors--the vendors that make it Etsy, I might add. I wish I had some legal experience to help fight the good fight. I'm no fan of Artfire (personal bad experience), but I'm glad Poppy's work is still available. Best of luck!!!

Anonymous said...

I am in the same sitation. Glad to hear ArtFire is better! I guess this will force my move. Ugg! said...

What is worst is that so many people are looking forward in QUITTING their day jobs! It is sad and they are entering into an area of uncertainty and dangerous grounds!.
You know I am strong believer in that everything happens for a reason and maybe just maybe someone comes up with a BETTER ETSY with lots of traffic that we can soon call home, where NO ONE is left behind nor gets abused in any way, shape of form! We need to unite and rise our voices.
It is NOT ok to be left out and abused by a company that we all supported and made into the monster it is now!

Stained Glass Depot said...

I really am disappointed in ETSY!! My account was suspended with no warning or email. (And yes, I've checked my junk mail and often).

I also sent them emails to find out why or what I did. No response yet.

So I will check out Artfire - because ETSY (or as I called it LET'SEE)

AND I will be following you on Twitter and I love your work.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wow I thought I was the only one, It is now scarier than I though. I am now not wondering what I did wrong and so fort, because after reading dome posts, it seems that there is no clear reason as to so many suspended stores. Has anyone heard of I saw someone talking about it, but I can not find them.

DollbabeDesigns said...

I would recommend I have two shops there now. No fees, at all! We need more folks!

Anonymous said...

I so wish I could say I would stand in solidarity and close my etsy shop, but I financially can't. I have been treatened by their legal dept before...Brought on by a crazy competitor on Etsy. It caused me much grief and many sleepless nights. I have heard that shops were being closed randomely, but I had no idea they could be "closed indefinitely". Their legal dept. is filled with a bunch of bottom of the barrel, straight out of lawschool IDIOTS. All be-it idiots with loads of power. Sellers have made Etsy successful and without us, they have NOTHING!!! As soon as a viable alternative to Etsy opens up, you'll see a stream of people leave and never look back. All we need is a catchy name and a computer geek and we're in!!!

Anonymous said...

Please someone help me about is what i get fro Etsy.after they suspended my account.

Hi there,

I'm sorry but this would not meet our selling guidelines.

We do allow collaborations and shop management assistance in some cases, but this is only for those in the same shared space, such as a family member listing items from the same household as the maker.

You would need to be in Morocco making the items and shipping them and running the Etsy account from there. Since you are in NY and the items are made in Morocco, they cannot be sold by you on Etsy.
Etsy Marketplace Integrity

Anonymous said...

My shop was closed for selling stones and crystals under Etsy's Everything Else - Metaphysical - Crystal section!
They said that the stones were not "hand made", yet they provide a section within which to sell them! I asked if I could sell them under supplies for those who make jewelry and wire wrap and such... No i was told. Yet, others are still doing whole shops devoted to selling them. I suspect that , since I am a "witchy" seller ( and a very non-gothy, mild one at that!), I was eliminated. I had had no prior offenses and was never notified about the items that were , as they originally put it, in the wrong category ( as they first claimed that I was selling them under some strangely unrelated category, which I was not). I am a 12 year ebay powerseller, veteran and know to go with policy, so it is not like it is my first day ta the rodeo! Something strange is afoot. I notice the correlation between the name of her shops and wicthinesss. This may be a clue as other witchy sellers are being systematically removed, one by one, and believe me, I am one to believe that anyone is "out to get me", but this IS strange.

Anonymous said...

I opened my store on March 31, 2012. I make jewelry, normal beaded jewelry. I listed 10 items, and by today April 3rd @ 4pm my store was close. I just received an email with the total amount of the bill (about 2 dollars for the listings) and no response.

I think Etsy is clearing the house, they are very elitist; full of prejudice toward non European countries, and full of trolls who will report your store just for fun. Shame on them! Hard times we are living

Anonymous said...

Had mine closed in January. Horrible experience. had a bit of a breakdown over it. Lost all of my income. Wasn't doing SHIT wrong.

These people are horrible.

Anonymous said...

I had the same experience, Etsy marketplace team are group of nasty people, they allow people to sell pirate J.Crew Jewelry, don't allow us to sell our handmade stuff...

Poppys Wicked Garden said...

I see a lot of incoming urls from artfire so I just wanted to update. Etsy is still the same, so please watch your back and save your info. I make most of my money off of Ebay Artfire (above) and storenvy I've learned not to trust one source for all of my business, you can't trust anyone but yourself. I've had to change things a bit but I'm now making triple what I was making on Etsy and they couldn't beg me to come back:P

Timothy Spano said...

Thanks so much for introducing me to Artfire and Storenvy! These are my new go-to places to sell my items, as Etsy has closed down my shop after only 60 sales.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday they closed all of our stores! We are a family of twelve and now we get to the street. Please advise us!

Brandi Mills said...

I received the very same email responses you've posted here. They are automated, even when you reply to the original. I feel like they are not even trying to investigate these alleged violations nor the replies, questions or explanations. I had two shops and both were shut down, with only one of the shops being notified. There was no issue with the second shop. I feel cheated and completely let down.
It is extremely heartbreaking to have worked so hard to build and grow your business to have it taken from you in one fell swoop with no regard to the loyal hardworking seller or what they have to say.

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