Monday, June 13, 2011

Life on Mars - Ever have one of THOSE buyers?

Listing Image
Ever have one of those customers. You're not the only one. I will not mention the site this was sold on  or the customers name, just some excerpts of the communication.

This is the listing description.

"This listing is for a Fantastic Apron made with Vintage Rainbow Brite poly cottonFabric. I gave her lovely ruffled skirting with RED lace ruffle trim the top is lined with white twill and the Red grosgrain ribbon waist and Neck ties are left long for adjustment to your size (If it is too long for you simply cut and lightly singe with a lighter) This measures approximately 11” wide at the waist and 27” long. It does not wrap around.

This will be limited edition however print placement may vary from piece to piece

One Size fits S M L Contact me for XL XXL listing

come from a nonsmoking but NOT petfree environment!
Vintage fabrics will have some character or wear."

Here is - well not the first communication, but first after her receipt.

Apron sent to Customer
Hi, I just received the apron, but was very disappointed. In the picture you have in the listing, the colors are very bright and vivid and the fabric of the apron that I received is extremely faded. I understand that it is vintage, however, I would never have bought it if I knew the fabric was that faded. I can barely see the print, and it certainly does not look as it does in the picture. I would like a refund or to exchange it for one that is as bright as the one you have pictured.
Please contact me asap.

The Apron to the left is the Apron sold and with very slight wear. Certainly not so faded that you can barely see the print (not the greatest picture either, poor lighting). I pointed out the item description, that the fabric may have some Character or Wear and that I do not use extremely faded fabric. 

I also do not refund unless items do not match description (covers buyer if I accidentally send out the wrong item, I'm not perfect) and her Apron definitely did match the description. I did not have to refund, but I honestly felt bad that she was so upset, and I offered her a refund. Even after I offered her the refund she threatened legal action?????

I am very sorry you are disappointed. I have sold literally hundreds of these with no complaints. Please read my feedback. The listing is very clear, I do not think it needs to be changed. Vintage fabric can have some wear, as described in the listing. I do not refund, but I will make an exception if there is no damage to the Apron After I receive it. For your own protection, I recommend that you get tracking for your package when shipping. As you are new to this site I also recommend that you read descriptions thoroughly before purchasing.

As for legal action, that is a very immature and rediculous threat as there is no legal action you can take against me for selling merchandise that is exactly as described. You couldn't take legal action against me even if it wasn't as described. Empty threats do absolutely nothing to make you appear a reasonable buyer.

And her reply to my offer of a Refund?

Do not continue to insult me in your messages. Calling me names is certainly not something you do as a respectable person. As for what you wrotr in your listing, im beginning to suspectyou intentionally wrote it in a way that would mislead a buyer. Adjectives like "character" and "wear" do not prepare someone to recieve something that is extremely faded. If you had written that the fabric would be faded, I definitely would not have even bid on it. I will ship it back to you only after you agree to a refund, although i have serious doubts about whther you can be trusted as you have already misled me once. Your numerous sales mean nothing to me. I only care about this transaction. I paid for it promptly and you sent me an apron that is extremely faded. Based on what you have done and your subsequent emails i definitely have grounds for legal action. I hope it doesnt have to go to that point. I dont appreciate being duped by you and am giving you the chance to do the right thing and make amends. Clearly you have an excellent command of english, so why weren't you more clear in your description.

Do you not know the difference between right and wrong?
Please do the right thing and refund my money and do not dupe anyone rlse who may buy this item. I dont like or want anything else you arw selling, thus there is nothing to exchange. The only thing i would be willing to exchange for is another rainbow brite apron that is as vivid and bright as the one you have pictured in your listing--which is what i thought i was going to receive in the first place. Did you digitally enhance the picture? Why isnt the apron you sent me as bright? This is why i say you item listing and description were deceptive and misleading. 

Well I didn't have a picture of her Apron on the listing, because they are CUSTOM MADE WHEN PURCHASED. And Saying a threat is immature is not exactly saying she is.

There were many more conversation than I have posted. All this because of Slightly, and I mean Slightly worn fabric. It got worse. I received her merchandise, refunded her and  kept professional through the whole thing even though I really was tempted, you know. I also let her know that she would not be able to purchase from again. Even after she received a full refund she left negative feedback. I guess was rude because I said that her threats were ridiculous and I wouldn't sell to her. Go Figure. Well Maybe I was ;)


Pili said...

Sorry to hear you had to deal with someone like that... maybe you should have actually called her names so she would have had base for her empty threats, and you would have felt better venting!

Melissa Lynn D said...

That's terrible! Sorry you had to deal with that!
If it makes you feel any better, I have no problem purchasing from someone who has a negative feedback or two left for them because I know these types of customers do exist, and I will not fault the seller for it.

akaCINDERS said...

Thank You Melissa Lynn D. I thought most people would understand a difficult buyer. I just thought everyone might like to see that they are not the only one with difficult customers.

Laura said...

Colors also can greatly differ from computer monitor to computer monitor. If you are buying handmade I think it is reasonable to expect variation because it is not being made by machines or in an assembly line fashion. Plus, this person does say that character and wear do not prepare for fading, then, what do they interpret wear to mean?

Sorry that you had to deal with this.

vintage eye said...

What a bitch! I mean the customer, of course! ;)

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