Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life Part Two

Things are not perfect. I wish I could tell you they were. we still don't have our own transportation. And my son is still waiting on his lousy lawyer to complete his case so he can even START trying to get the Medicare he needs to get his surgery. But the past few days it feels like the clouds have parted and the sun is shining through.

Poppy and I have picked up a lot of random business this week on Artfire. So much so that she was able to not only pay the bills she didn't have enough money for last wee, but also to buy her boys backpacks and new shoes, just in time for their first day of school. Now, even though we are ghetto, they will not look like it. We do live in a pretty depressed area though so they might get mugged for having the latest Payless and Walmart fashions. Excuse my bad comedy, but this has been the roughest summer of our lives.

I thought I'd give you updates on the Kitties too. they still need medical attention, but are getting so much stronger and frisky with vitamins, good food, flea removal, and a warm dry home. Simon is the cutie. All beauty and a little timid. He's getting the packages ready for delivery. Just don't chew the edges like you did my business cards and envelopes Simon.

This is Furball. He's the one with the eye infection. It's better than at it's worse, but still not good. He has the greatest personality. Always getting into trouble, playing with everything and brave as can be. He's beating up his brother Simon here, just before the earthquake.

Did I tell you that I felt the Earthquake here in Northern Ohio? Our house is up on a cinder block foundation and it was rocking so much I was freaking out. I was yelling "What's that?" over and over, but no on e was in the house. When they came back they all thought I was crazy. I wasn't freaking crazy, there was a freaking EARTHQUAKE!!!

Anyhow, isn't Furball cute?

This is little Mama. She looks mature here, but believe me, she is barely a kitten herself. She is so good with her boys though. She wasn't sure about us at first. But she is sweet and loving. She does have 2 small BBs in her ear and her tail doesn't work quite right. Sweet baby was abused by some human and she is such a love.  She goes in and out of our house a lot. We have to keep opening the door for her. I think she's afraid she might get trapped so she's testing us. It's getting a little stale, but we love them all so much we'll put up with them.

The boys keep getting into things they should not get into, but as we will be having a new baby here soon, I guess it's time to start baby proofing the place anyhow. Before we know it, it will be early November and we will have not only kitty poop and cries, but baby poop and crying in the house (the crying will be me, from lack of sleep I think)

Sorry I haven't been posting much. I will. it's just a pain getting used to this computer sharing thing. 4 people on ONE computer. What kind of world do we live in!!!


Gilded Owl Jewelry said...

So cute! Amazing you felt the EQ all the way to Ohio. They had the devastating on there back in 1811 and again in 1937, so this concerns me that you felt it.

Dina Fragola said...

The new kittens are so cute. My cat Mario had a misty eye all his life, sometimes it got worse, sometimes better but no treatment ever really worked for him.
And sorry to read times are so rough, it seems to be tough times for so many people all over :(

Pili said...

I just hope things will keep getting better, and the sales will keep on coming in big waves for you guys!

The kitties are so totally cute! I'm so glad they were lucky enough to be adopted by you guys!

Elisa said...

I'm so glad to hear things are getting better. I'm wishing that they get even better soon!

BTW, those kitties hit the jackpot when they found you!

Elisa aka Pesky Cat Designs

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