Monday, November 7, 2011

Life on Mars - Oh it Was a Week

I guess it Started Late on the 29th. Poppy had been having contractions on and off for Days so her DH was late to work. He dashed to his car and slid down our muddy hill, fell on his arm and tore a few ligaments and a little muscle. With Right (dominant) arm twice as big as it was, he eventually got a brace and looks a lot like RoboDad. But at least he would be off work when the baby was born.

Halloween was pretty uneventful. Lots of Trick or Treaters and no sign of a Baby. The boys were relieved. Better Luna not come until the 1st.

Tuesday, November 1st was when Poppy was scheduled for induction. We all went in and it took 12 hours but finally Luna made it. Beautiful BIG 9 pound 3 ounce baby girl. I went home with the boys and we all left mom and baby alone to bond.

Wednesday Morning B and I were getting the boys ready for school. He was planning to take the Dink on his way to the Hospital, Em went on the Early Bus. Just getting Dink Ready and I got a call from the school about Em. I didn't say anything to B, but he said "Let me guess, he ripped his pants again" Yep so he had to find a pair of pants to take to school.

Later in the Day I got a call from school that Dink fell on playground equipment and got a black eye. You can kind of see his shiner in the picture below.

Luna and Poppy Came Home on Thursday. Luna was a little jaundiced, but Everything looked OK. She was so good not to come on Halloween and not on Emerson's Birthday, Nov 7th, today actually. But she did have her first checkup and things were not exactly perfect. Still a bit too jaundiced and loosing a bit too much weight. So Luna had a visit from the medical supply company and today she is a glowworm.

That's a Biliblanket. Fiber optics shoot UV's from a light pump to Little Luna's middle all around her little body. Amazing what they can do these days. She will be bathed in light until she gets all that nasty junk out of that sweet little body. Better than staying in the Hospital. Sending lots of positive energy your way Luna, cause she has to get her foot stuck every day until she's better.

Here's hoping that next week well be much less eventful.


Pili said...

I'm sure Luna will be all good and jaundice free in no time!

And hopefully everything will be better!

vintage eye said...

Never a dull moment in the Crusty/Poppy household, eh? While all the kiddos & the mister are good looking, I have to give Luna the edge in the cuteness department! Ain't modern technology grand, though? That jaundice will clear up in no time.

Jane said...

Your life is simply too boring....can you spice it up a bit?

The family is wonderful and baby Luna simply does not look like a newborn! She's so cute! Wishing her a short stint in the bili blankets....we're sure having a lot of natural sunlight in this area, too!

Modern Rosies said...

Aw, love that baby Luna.... <3 We hope things calm down for all of you real soon!

twolefthands said...

Little Luna is gorgeous! Congratulations to you all! I'm sure she will be fine in no time!
I need a nap after reading a day in your life!

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