Friday, December 9, 2011

Life on Mars - Friday is Monday this Week and What a Week

Been a full moon kind of Week. Sunday, went to the car to go out to buy supplies. Even offered a ride to the carless neighbors, who didn't need a ride fortunately. Climbed up the hill to the car and no start, as a matter of fact barely any power at all.  Battery? Wiring? Alternator? Checked pricing and Battery expensive, but not too bad. $80. 

Finally got someone to jump the car Wednesday, didn't work. Guess I have to join AAA. $49

Thursday Morning I woke up to a message on eBay. Do they want my stuff? No they wanted to just tell me how beautiful I was. My reply "That's sweet. Are you looking at the picture on my me page? Cause I'm 60 years old. Those boys are my grandsons. Next time though, please leave me a message telling me you want to BUY something from me. Because I am not here to receive flattery, I am here to support my family."

Then AAA able to start the car and I drove to the Garage. Yep the battery. That's good, it could be so expensive. No, the battery is under the engine, behind the wheel and the wheel and well have to be removed to replace it. WHAAAT??? Who designed this piece of crap? Estimate $190 for a car battery. I think I'm going to send Chrysler the bill for bad design.

So while I'm calling Poppy to have her check around for a better price, she tells me the serger died. WHAAAT??? There goes another $200.

Car finished and the estimate was a little high. Total only $160, for a BATTERY.

Well one good thing happened this week, although I find it hard to call it good. A woman from the MIL's church died and Her DH gave MIL all the food in his house because he doesn't know how to cook. So she gave us half of it. He emptied his freezer and those people had very good taste in food. I feel bad that the woman died and the man is alone but we can sure use the break after having to spend all that Christmas money.

Oh and remember this cute snack stand? My new $4.99 Roasting pan from World Market that I put on the Fridge with a few odds and ends in it, slid off and it all fell on the stacker and kinda smashed the center parts. Back to the drawing board. Guess it wasn't so cheap after all.

OK maybe it's not as bad as I make it. After all, most of the kids gifts were already bought. The one who will really suffer is the Landlord (in laws) because  we'll have nothing left for him. And my dreams of finally getting a new pair of sneakers after a year and a half is shot to hell. 


Pili said...

Hopefully you'll get a flurry of sales soon and that'll mean enough money for your sneakers!

Jane said...

Cinders, I think I'd be most upset about your dessert tray! Not really - it's one of those weeks for you - the car probs - the worst! I hope your running around day was productive. Way too boring on Twitter w/o you!

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