Monday, December 19, 2011

Life on Mars - Taking a well deserved Break and Goals
Things have been crazy last week. Well that's nothing new. The MIL woke Poppy's DH to tell him that she thought we were in a serious car accident. Then he couldn't get back to sleep, it wasn't us. I wondered though, if she saw us in a serious accident, why she didn't stop to see if we were OK, offer to help, or if it was even us? And if the info was second hand, why the Hell did she believe it?

The car was OK this week, it does really need tires though. Well there was the issue with the Brake light going on, flashing and dinging and being really annoying. Apparently Poppy rests her foot on the Emergency Brake Pedal when she drives the boys to the bus. And that funny looking coin holder by the door, isn't a coin holder after all, it's the emergency brake release. What a freaking weird design.

Sunday I reviewed my blog, looking for an old post and I found that in 2009 I had 11 posts and in 2010 I had 21 posts. This year I resolved to try to have a new post every day. Well I didn't do that, but I did manage 169 170 posts so far. Wow! I sure hope I didn't bore you too much. At least the recipes are popular.

I'll try to make my blog a little more interesting in the new year. I'll try to bring you some more info to help you with your everyday life.

Hope you all met your goals this year, or at least half your goals. I did way better than I actually expected. Now if my goal of getting my flowers into specialty shops works, I'll be thrilled.


Pili said...

I only have a main goal for next year, and that's finally moving together with the bf. If I get that, I'll work on other stuff too!

Happy Holidays!!

vintage eye said...

My goal for next year is to get some goals..... Ba dum dum! ;)

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