Monday, January 23, 2012

Life on Mars - High Anxiety (the cat kind)

It's been a good week. The only thing that happened to the car was that the door got stuck again and when it finally opened, the panel pulled out so bad, the door lock was out of place and the speaker cover fell off.  Well that isn't all. the front flasher broke, think it's the bulb, but it will probably cost $500 to replace, because in this car, you probably have to remove the engine to get to the bulb from the inside of the lens. Gotta love Chrysler.

Business has been good. Even selling jewelry AND most sales have been on Artfire, so NO FeeBay fees!

The biggest issue this week is the cat who likes to pee on things in the house. He's young, so not really spraying. He is a very nervous timid 6 month old. We've been trying to break him. We usually have a few stray things or rugs on the floor. We've started picking up the bathmat, making sure all plastic bags are off the floor, and every stray sock is picked up. I've done some reading, that cats with high stress or anxiety will do this.

Tried changing the litter box daily (we do have 4 cats) Tried loving him more, but he's so timid he skitters away most of the time. Sunday he peed on Poppy's bed and she totally freaked. Can't say I blame her, but there was nothing on the floor for him to pee on and we usually keep the bedroom doors closed, but not that morning.

Poppy was ready to take him to the pound. She got mad and threw him out the door. I love the little guy and know he's just nervous, but I can relate. We just can't have this with the baby and the product we keep in the house.

I heard about anti anxiety meds and when we went shopping I looked and found an anti anxiety collar. It's embedded with pheromones that are similar to those released by momma cat. That kitten has been the mellowest thing since I put on the collar. He's barely the same cat and I caught him, believe it or not, in the litter box.

I did some reading about this stuff and although the collars cost from $18 to $10, they seem to work for several anxiety related cat issues. Traveling problems, urinating, and howling. I certainly hope it works long term, because I like the damn cat but I really HATE the smell of cat pee.


Pili said...

Hopefully the collar will continue to work from now on!

vintage eye said...

That cat is damn lucky he doesn't live at my house! You are a softy under that Crusty exterior! :)

Pesky Cat Designs said...

He is such a sweety it must be hard to get mad at him. ;)

Glad you found something that worked!

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