Monday, May 7, 2012

Life on Mars - Bigger is not Always Better

The title of this post doesn't really fit. I mean, it's more like shinier is not always better, or more expensive is not always better. I'm rambling today. Just one of those days. I'd like to write a book. Maybe just a book of my ramblings. Do you think it would sell? Amazon is accepting books to publish as Kindles. You get a percentage too. Maybe I shouldn't share that. Too much competition.

Anyhow, it has been another interesting week. My son went to Mayo Clinic. (For those of you who don't know he was born with a congenital heart defect. Basically it was so deformed, doctors didn't think he would live past 20. Miracle of science, it was rebuilt when he was 19).  My son spends a lot of time talking to me while he is traveling, because he gets bored. Looks like he does not need surgery yet. Drs are putting him on more medication, and implanting a defibrillator. That will regulate his heartbeat and start it up if it stops. It's all good.

We live in what could be considered a nice neighborhood, or not. It's usually peaceful, cottages on a lake. We live right across the road from the beach. It's peaceful if you don't mind the occasional hunter's gun's going off or the occasional meth lab explosion and accompanying fire department sirens. People get bored out here and they drink a lot or use meth. Not everyone, but a decent percentage.

The roads here are terrible. Last summer the heavy rains washed out a lot of road and there are huge holes. Our association pays for repairs, but so many homes here were foreclosed on and most of the rest of the members are too broke to pay dues. So this weekend some of the members rented equipment and volunteered to fix the roads themselves. They did a great job. And after they were done working, all weekend, they came by and volunteered to fix our lousy driveway. It's pretty decent now. Now all we need is a car.

There was a supermoon and meteor showers. I'm not sure that woman realized that the flash she used for photography wouldn't actually reach the moon. At least not before her lens closed.

I used to make decent money. I had a nice house with paved roads. I liked what I did, but not who I worked for. Bigger, is not always better.


vintage eye said...

Reading this post reminds me of why I love you. :)

Sara said...

I would totally read a book of your ramblings... :) XO,Cinders

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