Monday, September 17, 2012

Life on Mars - Another Hectic Week

Sometimes it feels like I have my own private full moon that follows me wherever I go. You see the moon is always full, it just depends on how the Earth blocks the sun from getting to it. Apparently the shadow of the Earth has no effect in tempering the effects of the full moon in our neighborhood. Everyone is crazy all of the time.

Last week was worse than the week before. Seems like I'm coaching the spawn of Satin. The 9 year old swears and spits and torments me. He hates reading. Really hates it. Turns out he might just be dyslexic though. I have a serious bone to pick with his former school if he is. And I do not think that I am equipped to teach him if he is.

Then there is the neighbor who offered me a ride on the weekend and said that she'd have the car after 12. So I discussed it with my daughter about how we would arrange it. Then I find out she'd have the car TOMORROW after 12. When I said I didn't understand that she meant tomorrow, because she didn't say tomorrow, she screamed at me and accused me of calling her a liar. I love crazy people, no really.

They all drink coffee like it's water. Three adults in the house and they go through one 34 oz can of coffee a week. Ours lasts 2 of us about 2 months. How do they sleep? Well you just take the thorazine when you need to go to bed.

I am so looking forward to the next few weeks. My horoscope says this is one of the best months I had or will have in years. Things will culminate into very bad on the 29th. If this is good, I just can't wait for bad. I'm supposed to stay home on that day, but I think I have dinner with my cousins, and I see them so rarely that I don't really want to miss, but I don't really want the roof of the restaurant to fall in on us either.

Have a good week. I'll see you back next one (I hope)

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Pili said...

Hopefully things will get better!

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