Monday, December 31, 2012

Life on Mars - New Years Eve - End of 2012

This hasn't been the worst year of my life. No not by far. But I'm glad to see it go, only because I think there is better things to come. Life seems to get a little better every day, as my astrologer professes it will.

This year I tortured myself my supervising my grandsons online education. It worked, he finally learned to read. That was quite an accomplishment. We did it in a few weeks, his former school had years and failed.

I had one of the best crops in my garden this year. So many tomatoes, and herbs and even turnips and radishes. I've been working on the soil for a few years and it finally paid off.

Obama was reelected. I know, some of you think he's the Antichrist, but I don't think so and I'm not convinced we're even near the end of days. Anyway you slice it, I'm glad of it.

Seems like the police have been here less often this year. Or maybe I was just too busy to notice. And that's another good thing. My business has increased. I've found a wonderful promotion tool, perfect for me. and a one of a kind product that is doing very well.

But even though this year went well, I think that my own place and a working junker of a car is in order. I think that next year will be better. More income and a bit more excitement of the traveling and making new friends kind, not the watching the crazy neighbors kind. Although that has been kinda fun.

Have a Happy New Year and a Wonderful 2013


Pili said...

Wishing all the best for you, Poppy and the rest of the family!

Happy New Year 2012!!

Orion Designs said...

I've been in the situation where "it can only get better". It's not a bad place to be! Hoping for the best for you and yours.

vintage eye said...

Snappy Gnu Ears Crusty!

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