Monday, January 14, 2013

Life on Mars - New Years Resolutions

As I sit here on January 14th, munching on a chocolate mint candy cane, I'm reminded of why I don't make New Years resolutions. I think I gave up after about 40 years of trying, maybe 30. You either want to do something or you don't, making a resolution, just because it's the first of the year, rarely accomplishes anything. Well, at least for me. You might have better luck.

So I jotted down 10 reasons I didn't make New Years resolutions this year.

Reason #1 leftover chocolate mint candy canes

Reason #2 leftover holiday cookies

Reason #3 leftover holiday meals

Reason #4 discounted holiday hams

Reason #5 discounted holiday candy

Reason #6 pulled groin from sliding on strewn toys and gift wrap

Reason #7 bruised glutes from slipping on the icy hill

Reason #8 5 bottles of gifted wine

Reason #9 chocolate anything

Reason #10 I don't wanna


lostsentiments said...

I am with you woman! Resolution, schmesolution - just friggin do it or don't. If you wait till tomorrow to start chances are you really don't want to do it, (that or you *really* can't start until tomorrow cause it's too late at night(and that's okay;)).

SO yeah, nike was onto something when they coined that phrase, "just do it". No? :)

Here's to the New Year and new possiblities! :) ♥ Dawn

Orion Designs said...

All I needed to say to myself was "I don't wanna". That's good enough for me.

And too bad I don't have any gifted wine or chocolate. I'm jealous.

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