Sunday, August 28, 2011

What's Cooking - Chocolate Syrup

We ran out of Syrup a few weeks ago, no car and I thought...I can make this. So I found several recipes online and took what I thought was the easiest. They all have about the same ingredients, but different order of assembly. This is how I made mine. Delicious, easy, tastier than store bought, and most importantly cheap. I've been making a bottle a week, because we use on ice cream and in coffee. You know all those healthy antioxidants.

2 cups sugar
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa
1 cup water
1/2 teaspoon real vanilla extract
pinch salt

I don't use a lot of salt, so a touch works. Put water, sugar and cocoa in a good sized saucepan. You need to boil this and it really bubbles up. First time I put in in a small saucepan and had a chocolate stove. I whisk the ingredients while cool and keep whisking through the process. Bring to a rolling boil and let boil for 3 minutes.
Take off heat and whisk in salt and vanilla. Let cool.

After the sauce is cool I pour into the old chocolate squeeze bottle. Or you can put it in a jar. This version must be refrigerated, because we didn't add preservatives (cool) and it will probably turn to chocolate liquor if you let it sit out too long.

I also wanted to add this awesome video I found today. Poppy is making a Nyan Cat costume, and her 8 year old and I were looking at Nyan Cat videos. I thought this one, laughable, fit the yummy chocolate munchie theme.

A little early in the day for Weed, but never too early for chocolate Syrup. Have a Great day and Enjoy!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bizz Buzz - Relevancy of Adtuitive

“…I found out it is not what happens, it is how you tell it and who does the telling.” 
― Nancy Willard

I promised to give you all the information I could find on all the Etsy changes and what the heck relevancy does Adtuitive have. Because I have been permabanned (like permamuted, but with a blocked IP address, and yes they really did) from Etsy I can only give you information and links I have found on the internet, but I'll do what I can. 

You, of course can find all the information Etsy has to share about relevancy (slim to none), but what do others have to say about it? I love because they have the latest info on all top seller sites. Here is a Great post on the Why of relevancy Etsy Pulls Trigger on Relevancy Search

There are so many tips on relevancy that I just can't list them all here. EVERYTHINGETSY has some good ones. Here are more great tips from Brittany's Best. You can search Etsy Relevancy for more great tips.

I can tell you though, that relevancy is pretty direct, logical and intuitive. ARTFIRE uses it, and it took me some time to get the Etsy brianwash out and us it. For instance, go to Bing or Google shopping and search Black Eyed Susan Jewelry. Look at what you find. It's my necklace at Artfire. 

Relevancy is simple. Look at what you are selling, It's not a Midnight Amanda Parabola. who the hell is going to look for that? Etsy Trend colors terms will only get you other sellers (but might get you in Treasuries or Finds. I guess Etsy is going to have to watch what they preach if they want  peapod to only pull up pea pods and not every shade of light green.

I also found that although Handmade Jewelry or Sterling Silver may be the most searched terms via Google Analytics, there is too much competition for that out there. You would get better results from Blue Stone or Orange Flowered Hat. If it's a shoe, call it a shoe, but whatever you do don't use the term RED HAT, because you'll get saturated with competition for that Red Hat society, unless that's what you're selling.

So what does all this have to do with Adtuitive? Here is what EcommerceBytes has to say about that. Etsy is not divulging much information on it's Adtuitive information, other than that they have hired 5 "Etsy simpatico Geeks" to work on it and probably integrate with their "Showcase". 

As relevancy trumps recency in search results, the money they were making from your frequent $.20 relisting fees will be vanishing like the popularity of the moustache festooned mugs. And as Google and Bing shopping search results don't bring outsiders to Etsy, I would venture to guess that the new Adtuitive in combination with Etsy Showcase will. Hold on to your wallets guys, Etsy is not through raping you yet. So enjoy the break while you can, because while you are all struggling to get found, I'm picking up sales like mad at my Artfire shop.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Putting it Together - Family

As I was washing dishes today I was remembering my Mom. She worked full time, cleaned all day Saturday and had fun on Sunday. I made a pledge when I was very young, not to spend as much time cleaning as she did. I kept that promise.

Mom danced around the house with a tissue on her forehead (to catch the perspiration), listening to Very Loud music (mostly musicals, West Side Story being the preferred) and cleaning to excess. Not only did she vacuum, mop, polish and launder, she took out all the good dishes and washed them and emptied the salt and pepper shaker and sugar bowl. I thought about her as I did the dishes wearing my headset, dancing to Lady Gaga and washing out the salt and pepper shakers for the first time in 6 months. Pepper shaker has been empty for probably two months, because I was too unmotivated to clean and refill.

I guess all in all, my mother influenced who I am today. I do chores to music, like she did. She also taught me that obsessing over cleanliness was a waste of time. Covered sugar gathers no dust after all.

I was listening to Born This Way too and I thought of how, no matter how odd I was, my mom encouraged me to be myself. I passed this on (I hope) to my children. There were times in my life when I was tormented by others because of my uniqueness, but she never suggested that I be anything other than what I was.

I even had problems in elementary school, because of my clothing, hair, and accessorizing. When the principal called Mom at work to complain, she politely reamed her and asked if there wasn't a better use of her time.  My daughter has done that very same thing with her children as I had with her and her brother. What a boring world we would live in if everyone was cookie cutter perfect.

Mom also encouraged me to follow my heart and my Art. I was pretty old when I got my BFA, but fortunately my mother lived to see me graduate and become a professional. She was proud of me though, no matter what I did. She passed away about a year after I found my field and became a success. Even though I left that career and am struggling at this indie internet seller thing, she would have been proud.

No matter what your relationship with your parents, and my mom was VERY annoying at times, they have formed who you are. If you love who you are, they have laid a good foundation. That's all you need to put it all together.

"Don't hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you're set
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way"     - Lady Gaga - Born this Way

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Poppy's Garden Gate Shop News - Star Wars Apron

I'm having a Special on my Retro Ruffle Aprons at Artfire in September so I thought I'd give you the heads up.

I can't believe how popular my Star Wars Apron is. I only hope I can get my hands on more vintage fabric for all the orders this year. She gets blogged about all the time. Look at this blog STAR WARS LOLITA What a Great idea for the Aprons. How cute is that using it with an adorable Lolita style dress.

I even had a customer that bought the Apron to use it on her cooking webcast.

I think this Skull and Roses Apron with a Black or Blood Red Dress would be a Great Halloween Costume.

This Adorable Sweetheart Smurf Apron was custom made for a costume too.

Many of the Aprons are made of Vintage Fabrics and are So cute for Parties and as a Hostess Apron. What a great Idea for a theme Party. Great gifts for a special friend or for yourself. And tell your friends you helped contribute to the environment by recycling.

So here is the Special that I usually have going in November, but I'm offering it a little early this year. For the whole month of September, Stop in Poppy's Garden Gate at Artfire, pick up one or more of these beauties and get a free matching Pot Holder! Offer limited to Aprons $39 and over.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


For those of you who never experienced an earthquake. I've been through a few. Sometimes you can hardly feel them unless you are in a rocking building.

My first experience was a dud. I was on a floating platform over floor built on solid ground. All the people around me were saying "What's that? What's happening?" I didn't feel a thing.

The next time I was in Atlanta Georgia. In the middle of the night, I awoke to rumbling and shaking. I was really annoyed that I was so close to the elevators and people were using them like that, in the early morning. When I woke up for the day, I found out it was a very rare earthquake.

Yesterday was the most unusual for me. I was sitting a the computer. Everyone was outside of the house, except for Poppy's oldest who got up early to prepare for school and fell back asleep. All of a sudden my chair started rolling and the table and monitor were rocking. Now this is a tiny cottage and not on a very stable foundation, so my first thought was that the foundation was crumbling and the house was going to tumble down the hill. But as it continued to rock back and forth. I started to think Earthquake.

I was yelling, "What the Hell was that?" over and over. Getting kind of sick to my stomach. I finally got up and stood at the door, and yelled out  "What the Hell was that?". The open door was rocking back and forth too. Poppy finally came in when it was all over, and when I told her what happened, she looked at me like I was crazy. We didn't know that there had been a huge earthquake yet.

She left with her boys and hubby to get the last of the school supplies and then I heard on the news about the earthquake. Wow, epicenter in Virginia and we felt it all the way over in Northeast Ohio. Well all I have to say is that was exciting!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life Part Two

Things are not perfect. I wish I could tell you they were. we still don't have our own transportation. And my son is still waiting on his lousy lawyer to complete his case so he can even START trying to get the Medicare he needs to get his surgery. But the past few days it feels like the clouds have parted and the sun is shining through.

Poppy and I have picked up a lot of random business this week on Artfire. So much so that she was able to not only pay the bills she didn't have enough money for last wee, but also to buy her boys backpacks and new shoes, just in time for their first day of school. Now, even though we are ghetto, they will not look like it. We do live in a pretty depressed area though so they might get mugged for having the latest Payless and Walmart fashions. Excuse my bad comedy, but this has been the roughest summer of our lives.

I thought I'd give you updates on the Kitties too. they still need medical attention, but are getting so much stronger and frisky with vitamins, good food, flea removal, and a warm dry home. Simon is the cutie. All beauty and a little timid. He's getting the packages ready for delivery. Just don't chew the edges like you did my business cards and envelopes Simon.

This is Furball. He's the one with the eye infection. It's better than at it's worse, but still not good. He has the greatest personality. Always getting into trouble, playing with everything and brave as can be. He's beating up his brother Simon here, just before the earthquake.

Did I tell you that I felt the Earthquake here in Northern Ohio? Our house is up on a cinder block foundation and it was rocking so much I was freaking out. I was yelling "What's that?" over and over, but no on e was in the house. When they came back they all thought I was crazy. I wasn't freaking crazy, there was a freaking EARTHQUAKE!!!

Anyhow, isn't Furball cute?

This is little Mama. She looks mature here, but believe me, she is barely a kitten herself. She is so good with her boys though. She wasn't sure about us at first. But she is sweet and loving. She does have 2 small BBs in her ear and her tail doesn't work quite right. Sweet baby was abused by some human and she is such a love.  She goes in and out of our house a lot. We have to keep opening the door for her. I think she's afraid she might get trapped so she's testing us. It's getting a little stale, but we love them all so much we'll put up with them.

The boys keep getting into things they should not get into, but as we will be having a new baby here soon, I guess it's time to start baby proofing the place anyhow. Before we know it, it will be early November and we will have not only kitty poop and cries, but baby poop and crying in the house (the crying will be me, from lack of sleep I think)

Sorry I haven't been posting much. I will. it's just a pain getting used to this computer sharing thing. 4 people on ONE computer. What kind of world do we live in!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life

Life is beautiful no matter what merde it hands you, you just need a bat big enough to swat it away from your direction. Some people call that bad Karma, but that bat can swing either way.

Our Karma must not be too bad, because all of the nasty things that have been happening to us are beginning to swing away, at least I hope so. Either that, or the Mercury in retrograde thing is near the end of it's potency.

I gave our neighbor a big jar of my homemade sweet hot dill pickles and was talking to him about the stray cat and kittens under the shed. Then he told me he had an appointment to put down his sweet old cat that very day. He was trying to busy himself to not think about it. I told him about our problems and he offered to look at Poppy's PC. He thinks he found the problem and it would only be a small very inexpensive part, and easy to fix. What a great thing for us not to have to buy another PC. Mainly because....

This is the sweet Cat that we found under the shed with her 2 babies. She had been hanging around the house, but she had a flea collar so we thought she was just a pest. But the other day when it rained for almost 2 days straight, she moved her babies under the shed next to our house. We didn't even know she had them. Now we think someone might have dumped her because she was pregnant. That's bad Karma, because they could have taken her to the shelter.

The babes seem to be about 5 weeks, but are a little undernourished, so could be older. Momma has a BB healed in her ear, so not only was she dumped and raised her babes in the woods, but the's been shot too. She is barely a babe herself. She is the sweetest thing, such a love. Unfortunately one of the babes has a cloudy eye. Might be infected or other disease and it needs attention right away. They all have fleas and we are working on bathing and getting rid of those. Momma has a slightly bloated belly and we suspect that she is preggers again.

We did manage to get them in the house and we really want to keep them, but we can't afford treatment now, so we might have to take to the shelter. I'm calling later today to see if they can help us. Summer months are our slowest and we have no spare cash to treat, immunize and neuter all 3 cats.

So even though some days look a little dark, there is always a little sunshine. And I'm hoping there is more to come.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Life on Mars - Week in Hell

You just have to read my post on Mercury retrograde to understand why this past week went the way it did.
If you didn't you can read it HERE. Not a really long post.

After we got home from our Amusement Park mini vacation (we had passes from when we were flush last fall) my laptop hadn't fared well from the trip. Must have got a short in the touch pad, because when the power cord is plugged in the cursor dances around the screen and click randomly. It does work unplugged though but only for about 90 minutes. So at the beginning of last week, I was using Poppy's and her son's PC, sneaking in when I could.

The middle of the week must have been the peak of the retrograde Hell, because one fine morning, Poppy's PC was deader than a door nail. What does that expression mean exactly? What a dumb saying. So now we are working on one PC, all 3 of us and her youngest too on his club penguin.

That wasn't the first or the last of the retrograde mishaps either. Here are more not in any particular order:
*The last PC's keyboard broke
*Hillbilly Bob next door burned 2 complete sofas in the firepit next to our house, fabric, foam and all causing me great respiratory distress ( also illegal for just that reason)
*I put too many fresh french fries in a little pot of oil, bubbled up and spilled on the burner, and caught the element and the catch try on fire. Poppy put it out with baking soda, had to clean for an hour.
*DS' lawyer forgot to bring his medical records to the emergency court review for his SS disability and the case is still pending.
*Cat has huge infected wound on his leg that needs treatment.
*Poppy got randomly attacked by yellow jackets, that she is allergic to,(scary, but no stings).
*And last but not least, Poppy's MIL turned her car without looking and got hit. Car totaled. She is our primary transportation.

Not the worse week I've ever had, but not the best either. Poppy's poor son is turning 8 this week and he's had to give up some of his birthday parties so we can save for a new PC. He did voluntarily, forgoing the dinner at Outback and having homemade Pizza instead of carryout, for his party. What a sweet kid (sometimes).

My sales did increase this week, but instead of buying my self shoes I need, I get to put it toward the new PC. And we also got loads of produce from the local church via local farmers. Hours of freezing and canning. Wish we had a bigger freezer. No room anyhow.

One totally bizarre week, can't wait to see what the next has in store for us and can't wait til August 26th when this nonsense if finished.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's Cooking - Sweet Hot Dill Pickles - (Almost) Real Lemonade

Down near San Antonio, Texas, there's a lady who makes killer pickles. Sweet, hot and dill. I suspect it was created on a pickling day when there was a little of everything left over and it was all poured into one jar. I've been trying to replicate it, but no real luck. I did make a fantastic batch though this weekend and I will share.

They may not be the Pickle Lady pickles (Fickle Pickles), but they are sure good. Here's my Recipe. This calls for Pickling cucumbers, but I know this will be great using zucchini too, because my zucchini pickle recipe is very close to this.

Sweet Hot Dill Pickles

4 Sterilized Quart jars
1 Gallon sliced pickling cucumbers or small zucchini
1 quart vinegar
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup salt
2 cups water
1/4 cup pickling spice
4 chili peppers or other small hot pepper
2 tablespoons dried dill or 4 good sized sprigs

Pack 4 quart jars with sliced cucumbers, you can add a few sliced onions if you like your pickles that way. About halfway through add a chili pepper sliced in half. Top cukes with 1/2 T dried dill.( If using fresh Dill put  in jar before adding cucumbers.)

Bring the water, vinegar, sugar and pickling spice to a boil. You can wrap spices in cheesecloth so they are easier to remove, or you can strain the liquid before using. Make sure your sugar is dissolved and your liquid is free of spices. Pour hot liquid over cucumbers, watching that the liquid doesn't get on the jars. Seal jars and use a hot water bath for 10 minutes. Your pickles can be eaten as soon as they are cooled.

These are fantastic on a slice of sharp cheddar sitting on a Ritz type cracker.

Bonus recipe today!!!

I mad this great easy lemonade this week and I wanted to share. It is so close to real lemonade, a bit healthy and not too sugary. I bu the lemon juice and lemon drink mix at Aldi, but I know you can get a large bottle of lemon in the Mexican food section of the grocery for a fair price and you can use any sugarfree lemonade mix.

Lemonade - Makes one Gallon

Fill gallon container with just shy of one gallon water
Add one packet sugar free lemonade mix (to make 2 quarts)
1/4 cup real lemon juice

Mix together and refrigerate. The lemon I get is about $1.20 for a 32 oz bottle and the drink mix is a good deal too. This is reasonable and so refreshing.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Biz Buzz - Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Seems like there are a lot of Changes out there in the Handmade and Vintage retail world lately. I guess like the rest of us, our seller sites want to make money too. Thank goodness they are coming to their senses and are finally responding to seller needs and wants.

Maybe it's because the competition gets better Google and Bing result,s that Etsy is finally switching to Relevancy for search. Every time I search for something, I get Artfire and even Groove Press results, but rarely Etsy, except results for closed shops or expired items. I know it's a lot of work to re-tag, but I think everyone will be happy with the results. It would be nice, though, if they didn't give conflicting and confusing instructions.

Artfire is going MAD with changes. New shop looks, better SEO search result,s and no more free seller shops. Lots of complaints on the Forums that new banners have to be made, even though shops were given plenty of advance notice. I guess those Etsy sellers don't remember when their Etsy page format was changed not long ago. I had to redo ALL my banners to look right with the new pages. I do love what Artfire is doing though and boy have my sales increased.

Even eBay is finally responding to sellers. Usually focused on the buyer, eBay is now offering 50 free auction listings a month, and soon they will have additional 25 title characters and no negative marks if a buyer files dispute BEFORE contacting seller. WOW that is a big deal. Buyers should always try to work with seller first. Most of the changes don't require too much work, except for the occasional item specifications that they now require in certain categories.

The changes may be a bit of a pain, but I can guarantee you that they are being done to help improve your sales, because when you sell, your site benefits. Even Artfire, who charges a flat fee will get more customers if their sales increase. More sellers, more money.

Personally I think Etsy is making enough money that they should drop their listing fee too. They will get even more sellers if they do, and more listings. But maybe they don't care, they have a lot.

Well have fun making your changes All!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Evah - Mercury Retrograde

Not that I base my entire life on Astrology, but whenever I hear that Mercury is in Retrograde I tend to pull my head under the covers and just let it do it's thing. There is not much else you can do. Mercury will be retrograde this month from August 3rd to August 26 give or take depending on the part of the world you are in.

I get my updates from the fantastic Susan Miller at and have been reading her for about 15 years now. She's great and always there for me. Get your monthly horoscope HERE

What brought this to mind was all the tweets and FB posts I see complaining about the financial climate and their own personal plight in life. Screwed up listings, bank statements, utility billings, housing, love life, economy and everything in general. Sound like what you've been going through? Mercury retrograde makes it tough to get anything accomplished. I know this is a bitch, but it will be over soon, and you are to learn a lesson from it.

Shit, like I need to learn any more lessons in life. Am I right?

So just put your head beneath the virtual blanket and ride the storm until August 26th. This is one of the shortest retrogrades I have ever experienced, and if my prediction is correct, even the stock market will settle down at the end of the month. And maybe all the websites will start working properly again.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Biz Buzz - Beware of What you Share

I just became aware of a HUGE controversy in the Arts community and I'm probably going to get hate email for this myself, just like Regretsy did. But I have to speak my mind too. If you haven't already heard, it's all about the "HOBO Wedding". Etsy featured it and you can see their post here Handmade Weddings: Depression-Era Hobo

This post was rife for ridicule. I read it and got quite a kick out of it myself. The hobo invitations and little Bandanna sack decorations, Beat up straw hats and overalls. Not the ideal wedding most of us have planned, but I know some Ren Faire workers that love their costuming and genre so much they Feast on Faux Boar and Mead for their nuptials. To each their own right?

So some found it more than just odd like April (Helen Killer) of Regretsy, who posted a snarky commentary of the wedding It’s called “poverty.” You’ve probably never heard of it.

I for one, am particularly fond of snark, so I thoroughly enjoyed her commentary, as that was just about what I was thinking. But apparently the Bride, Groom and the family didn't find it funny at all. So Regretsy, with second thoughts, made another post. Faux-Bos and Faux-Pas

April starts out saying she didn't realize how much her post would hurt and offend. I related to her Chastity/Chastity critisism, as I have been know to say to a gay, Where is the Straight Pride Parade? or to a person of color, What is this BTV nonsense? Not because I am prejudiced, but because I think the divisions are so unnecessary, because I personally think people are people and should all be embraced as part of the global community. I guess that it's the closed minded ones who are offended and hurt by what we say. 

I totally understand oppression, but at least you are part of a group.  What about people like April and me, who are oddball freaks that few understand? What group do we belong in?

The beginning of the "apology?" post read like Perez Hilton, when he finally realized that his snark was hurtful. Really Perez? How long did that take? Smack yourself on the head you dumb ass.

But it ended with the obvious. If you expose your ridiculous fantasies to the world, you expose yourself to ridicule. PLEASE Hobo Wedding Participants! If you seriously thought this would not get both negative as well as positive comments you are either naive or just plain stupid.

Lesson Learned: If you are putting yourself on the Internet, you are exposing yourself to a global community who may, or may not like what you are doing or saying and just deal with it. After all www does stand for World Wide Web if you didn't know.

I for one, think that marriage is a mistake no matter how you dress it up, but that is my OPINION. Now all you happily married people can send me hate mail and negative comments :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What Evah - Cars

That's a picture of my first car, well not the exact car, but pretty close. I was 19. A Triumph TR6. Pretty sporty. And I can't begin to tell you how it got me in shape. It was used and their was something wrong with the rack and pinion steering, no one knew how to lubricate it so it took a lot of muscle to steer.

And then there was the issue of the cardboard that someone put in the gas tank. I would drive for a few miles and it would mysteriously stop. I had to push it off to the side of the road, wait, and then when the cardboard shreds dropped away from the filter it would go again. You have no idea how long it took us to figure that one out. We even found someone who know how to lube the rack and pinion eventually, but not before my guns were bigger than Michelle Obama's.

I had to sell that one (and I loved her) because the repairs it needed were more than I had and I had to repay the loans. Fortunately I sold her for more than I paid. I repaid my parents and bought an Opal wagon. Another blue car. It was so sturdy and wonderful and I love her too. I called her the Beast. Then one winter day she slid into the rear end of a tank of a 50's car and that was the end of the front end of the Beast. Total loss and the car I hit had a tiny tail light put out. Beast was a little fragile.

We found another Opal wagon that needed an engine so we swapped the beasts for the bad one. This Opal was yellow and not the same car at all. I called it the Canary. I didn't like it much.

I've had lots of cars since then. I like to give them names if I can. They tell me what they like to be called. Not all of the cars I get stuck with are ones I like. Like the time my ex took me to the new car lot and told me I could pick one of these 5 Broncos. I wanted a mini van and was not happy until I finally got one a few years later.

After my divorce, graduation, and new career, I finally got a car on my own. A Neon. It was a real lemon, but didn't qualify for the lemon law in Ohio. It had the transmission, engine, AC condenser and evaporator, Brake rotors (several times) and various other assortment of minor things replaced under warranty. When I took it in for a trade, the entire suspension and brakes were shot. It was 4 years old.

Then I got a nice car. When I went bankrupt and lost my job, it got repossessed. Oh well! Last year we had a car, but now it doesn't work. I think it will cost more to repair than it would cost for us to buy a decent used car. We don't really have the money for either right now. I love my family and want them to be happy and healthy more than anything in the world, but I would really like to have a car again. Living in the middle of nowhere, with no public transportation sucks. Hope Halloween sales are good so we can invest in a set of wheels again. If not, it's shopping with the neighbors.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Life on Mars - Looking Back

Just because I love you and I know Poppy (well maybe I) never show our faces really, I thought I'd let you get a look at us. Well that's us, circa 19cough, cough cough. Well it had to be just a few years ago, I'm sure, because I think I look about the same. Aren't those shades in style now too?

I think we were at Six Flags in Georgia. The time we were filmed to be on the Dukes of Hazzard but it never made it live because of a writer or actor strike or something like that. Or it could be at Cedar Point, but I think I wore that sexy little outfit in Georgia.

Look! Poppy was an animal lover even then. Not sure but I think I may have made that lovely outfit she was wearing.

Here is a picture of my DS Kris on his wedding day. He looks Happy doesn't he? I can't really show his bride, because her father went to a great deal of expense getting their marriage annulled after they had been married for 3 years. I didn't even know you could do that. I guess for the right money you can do anything. So technically my son was never married. Although I have pictures to prove he was.

He was really scrawny then. He put on some weight. That's why they called him dental floss.

I was cleaning today and found a box of old pictures. Started remembering the past a bit. Things are actually simpler now. When you have little, you have so little to loose. (insert smiley face)

I read the Aries horoscope for this August. It said that Aries born on March 27th (seriously, my birthday) would have wonderful opportunity for romance the first half of the month if they get out of the house and make themselves available. I guess that means I go for a walk, or maybe if you know a single old guy that wants an overweight, snarky, cynical, but lovable old broad.....
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